We are passionate about the sport of Boxing and are committed to sharing its positive nature. 

  • Boxing for Everyone

    Mission Statement

    We are dedicated to sharing the positive aspects of boxing as well as the culture that surrounds it with the community. We provide opportunities for individuals, of all ages and skill sets to participate in activities that promote physical and mental wellness

  • How We Can Help You

    Service Directives 

    · We facilitate and supervise boxing training programs for individuals between ages 10 and 65.

    · All programs are equipped with moderated levels for each participant.

    · Trained & Registered Boxing Coaches facilitate all programs.

  • Will You Be Ready

    Boxability is a term describing a person’s ability to move well, exerting power while having great control and balance all while being aware and decisive in action.  Through this program many will be able to benefit from physical and mental development training methods that surround Boxing Fitness.